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PKR 4,499

per year

  • FREE DOMAIN (.com)

  • 03 GB Disk Space (100%SSD)

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Unlimited E-Mails

  • 05 Databases

  • Windows Plesk Panel

  • WordPress Quick Install

  • Addon SSL

  • 24/7 Quick Support

  • Resources Allocated
PKR 6,499

per year

  • FREE DOMAIN (.com)

  • 10 GB Disk Space (100%SSD)

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Unlimited E-Mails

  • 10 Databases

  • Windows Plesk Panel

  • WordPress Quick Install

  • Addon SSL

  • 24/7 Quick Support

  • Resources Allocated
PKR 8,999

per year

  • FREE DOMAIN (.com)

  • 40 GB Disk Space (100%SSD)

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Unlimited E-Mails

  • 15 Databases

  • Windows Plesk Panel

  • WordPress Quick Install

  • Addon SSL

  • 24/7 Quick Support

  • Resources Allocated

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Maximum Performance

Buzz Host is all about reliable services, and fast speed. Beyond your expectations, we will provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee with fast speedy web performances .

Maximum Security

Buzz Host clients are their biggest treasure. Your website data is 100% safe with maximum security. We deliver our hosting services with Integrity and excellence.

Smooth Email Services

Our Smooth Email services help you to grow your business plan, capturing your interests and protect their businesses from viruses, and help them towards achievements.


cPanel Official Partner/cPanel access

Buzz Host bought an instinctive way to maintain your websites with advanced hosting expertise and technology by providing cPanel access.


Bang Scripts

Our promising commitments keeping you safe from cyberattacks, Buzz Host empowering your security and enabling your businesses by managed technologies through Bang scripts.

700+ Corporate Clients

Buzz Host empower as a brand. We earn a good reputation by serving more than 700 government and private organizations and trying to do impossible things possible from the last 7 years.

Technical Specifications


99.99% uptime guarantee

1 Click Install Script

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Windows Hosting:

ASP.NET and .NET Core Website hosting made easy with our Window hosting solutions.


Which Windows hosting plan is the best?

Buzz Host offers a three-tiered Windows hosting plan to let you host your websites with ultimate convenience.


Starter Package:

As the name says, if you are just starting with the website creation, then this started package will fulfill your needs adequately. You’ll get 3GB disk space with 5 databases to store your website data. These features are good enough to host 3-5 niche websites.


Business Package:

In the business package, we provide disk space of 10GB with 10 databases. Such a capacity is good enough to host 7-10 small websites with limited traffic. You might have to upgrade the plan when your traffic would surge.


Professional Package:

40GB Disk space with the availability of 15 databases is enough for over 10 websites with normal traffic. This professional package of Windows hosting would work perfectly if you are in a habit of creating event-based or niche websites. This hosting plan can also be used if you are a website to develop and offer free hosting to your customers.


Features of our Windows hosting:

While getting our Windows hosting, you should expect the following features:


  • SSD Storage

SSD Storage makes the data storage easier and faster which reflects on the loading speed and visitor’s satisfaction. 


  • Unlimited bandwidth

With unlimited bandwidth, you don’t have to restrict the data upload and download when optimizing the content for visitors.


  • WordPress, Drupal, and Magento quick install

Windows hosting provide you with a one-click installation of the major CRMs that you would use for your website creation.


  • DDoS protection

Your website is protected from the Denial-of-service (DDoS) attack when hosted on Windows hosting. 


  • Above-average loading time

As the ASP.NET and .NET Core are designed to work with Windows, so better speed optimization is achieved, leading to improved load time.


  • Get benefits in terms of SEO

Due to licensed Windows software in place and an overall better loading speed, a direct impact in search engine optimization is often reflected on the websites when using Windows hosting. 


Why choose Windows Hosting?

Here are some of the features of Windows hosting to help you understand the difference between Windows hosting and other types of hosting:


  • Similar to the Windows interface

If you have been using devices with a Windows interface, then this would probably be good for you. Windows hosting is an interface-based hosting, which is easier to use as compared to the other type and is perfect for the newbies.


  • Addon SSL

SSL provides an additional layer of security for the websites and is an integral requirement of the search engines. While buying the Windows hosting, you’ll get an SSL Certificate as an Addon to add it to your domain.


  • Windows Plesk panel

With the help of this panel, you can easily create, run, secure, and manage your websites. 


Free features with each Windows hosting plan:

Like all the hosting plans from Buzz Host, you’ll get some free features with the Windows hosting too. So, what are they? Let’s explore:


  • 100% SSD Storage facility
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • C-panel included
  • Anonymous Nameservers
  • Free domain
  • Windows Plesk Panel
  • MySQL Databases


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Why choose Buzz Host for Windows Hosting?

We have been providing cheap web hosting in Pakistan for a decade now. Do you want to know why? Here are some of the unique selling points of our Windows hosting:



The uptime of our Windows hosting is 99.99%. This is because of the state-of-the-art hardware and latest software used to maintain the hosting.


Privacy and Security:

We are using multiple layers of security to ensure the basic protections of privacy for your website,


Efficient Customer Support:

Do you have any questions regarding Windows hosting? Contact our customer support now.


Easy Management:

The Windows hosting provided by Buzz Host is easy to manage. You can host your multiple websites without having any hassle while managing.


1-click installation:

We provide the 1-click installation for major CRMs, including WordPress and Joomla.


Free Migration available for unlimited websites:

Do you need to migrate to Buzz Host? We can do it for you for free and there is no limit on the websites.


30-Day Moneyback Guarantee:

You’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee for Windows hosting. You can cancel the plan within 30 days to get your refund.


How does it work?

  • Sign up for our Windows hosting package
  • Get access to your hosting
  • Host your domain using Buzz host hosting




What is meant by Windows web hosting?

Windows hosting is a special type of web hosting that works on the Windows operating system. This hosting is best for supporting the Windows-specific technologies, including ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL).


Which is better: Linux hosting or Windows hosting?

Linux and Windows hosting both have their advantages. Windows hosting is best for Windows-oriented technologies, whereas Linux is good for PHP and MYSQL applications.


Is it possible to host WordPress on Windows hosting?

Yes, it is possible to host WordPress on Windows hosting. It is because WordPress is open-source software, which can easily be managed on any of the hosting platforms.


What are the benefits of Windows hosting?

The benefits of Windows hosting include:


  • Easy accessibility
  • Opportunity for scalability
  • Performance efficiency
  • Security


Does Windows hosting come with a c-panel?

Yes, Windows hosting comes with a c-panel to let you control the backend of your website efficiently.


What is the cost of Windows hosting?

The cost of the basic package of Windows hosting is PKR 4,599 per year. You can even go for more features at a higher rate.

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